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1st-May-2009 10:09 pm(no subject)
chris wolstenholme.
I feel so bad. I hate twitter, yet I have it, and I'm updating and everything. FUCK. This girl in my class has it, and then my mum got it. I only had it for Muse updates, and I got the updates sent to my phone, but now I'm following like 40 people :|

Anyways, my twitter is http://twitter.com/bonniee_spain
I'll be tweeting nothing but crap.
27th-Apr-2009 05:55 pm(no subject)
pushing daisies.
MY SCHOOL ARE A BUNCH OF FUCKTARDS. I r serious. I've been for the last week with gastro, so my mum called up on the 1st day, all is dandy. They txt my mum the 2nd day I'm sick "yo, why isn't she here?" and the next day, and the next day. I had gastro, I don't get over it in 1 day. Last time I was really sick, it happened to be cross country, so my house leader called up my mum, and checked if mum wasn't keeping me from participating. For god sakes, I had glandular fever last year, that's not something you get over in an instant. So I've got Athletics Carnival on Wednesday, and I've got more important things to do than sit around in the cold doing nothing but watching, so if my house leader calls up again, my mum's gonna be majorly pissed off. anyways, another subject.


Speaking of birthdays, my friends birthday is on Wednesday, but we aren't speaking, because he's being an absolute arsehole. I've wished him a happy birthday anyways, just to be nice, but ahh. I don't know what to do. I've friend with a lot of his friends, so his friends are like "hmm, should we speak to her or not?" so I'm losing good friends. He has just turned into such a immature idiot, and his about to turn 17. I've done everything for him. I practically broke up with his girlfriend for him I'm that good. But he really couldn't give a crap about me anymore. I've been finding out that his been saying that "I've changed, and I'm not as fun as I used to be". Alright, I've grown up, you've turned into an idiot. Oh he does nothing about complain about his life, he's got it quite good actually. He's step dad is nice, his got a job, good friends, 4674096 girls following him, yet he complains that nothing good ever happens. I don't understand why. He's really happy, I'd really like to live his life, but he just takes so so much for granted. God, I don't know if I have changed and gone all pessimistic, but gaaaah. *shots him*

Oh it's my brothers birthday on Thursday. He's 22. God, how times flown by.

Anyways, I'm gonna go sort my iTunes, because I need to get 11GB down to about 3.5GB for my iPod. I can't wait to get a new one :) Next time, I probably shouldn't leave it hanging out a car door. :/

22nd-Mar-2009 03:39 pm(no subject)
the killers.
This afternoon, I was watching a re-run of the Brit Awards from this year, and it was the bit where Brandon Flowers talks about the Pet Shop Boys. My nanna's walks past during it, stops and she says "That's a fine looking man." I cracked up laughing. I honestly did. I told a couple of people and they were like "whaaa?", so obviously it was one of those "you had to be there moments". Ah well.

I went to Kings Of Leon last saturday. 2 months of stalking ebay was so worth it. I mean, so worth it :D My mum and I only get seating tickets, but we were 3 rows from the front, and about 7 metres away from the stage. It was absolutely magical! I got pictures too under the cut. I've also got Something with Numbers pictures that my friend Rory took using my camera. I shall put one or two under there also. It's all good.

God I want school to be over to I can sleep a fuckload. But nanna's birthday is next weekend, so that's gonna to be a giant family piss up + Freyja, which will be fun. It's something like 20 people coming and 4 bottles of wine, a lot of beer, a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of scotch, and probably vodka also. This actually should be quite good.

These photo's are taking their sweet time uploading :| I wanna watch Skins damn it. Or at least watch youtube or something.

Honestly, things hate me recently. HURRY UP PHOTOBUCKET.

oh I saw watchmen last weekend. That's a damn good movie. Nobody in the cinema understood it but me :D People were asking me questions constantly about it, but it's answered though-out the movie. I got out going "Yeap. Damn good movie." then I had people complaining that they wanted their money back. Honestly. People are idiots.

I wanna watch the NME awards, but I cbf asking my brother to download it, and Australia won't get it it'll probably May. This sucks. I've watched youtube video after youtube video, but it's just not as satisfying

Oh I just read they're gonna kill someone off on House. My friend just made the comment "I hope it's not House D:" wow. Anyways, it'll probably 13, because she's expected to die anyway. I just hope it isn't Wilson, I know they won't do it, but there is always a possiblity.

Half way :D


el photo.Collapse )
3rd-Mar-2009 04:15 pm - rant time
the killers.
I have no joke, gone to a gig every week in febuary, and i have one more next week, and one more after that. ever since big day out, i've gone to a local one, then red shore, then fall out boy, then another local one, then soundwave. whoa i'm awesome :) i've got pushover at the end of this week, and possibly kings of leon (if mum can get tickets of ebay) the week after. i'm hoping to make the 200 bands mark by the end of the year, which seems more than likely, seeing i've got grazzhopper, and a couple of other festivals coming up, and bands are bound to be touring near the end of the year :) yaay i'm excited.

soundwave was really good :) except catering was shit. I was waiting an hour in line for chips. BDO has so many stalls. i had dutch pancakes for lunch that day damn it. i waiting 5 minutes too, and they were a pretty good price too. anyways, i went with like, 10 different people, and i'm honestly, never going to a festival with them again. they were like "LETS MOSH AND BE ABSOLUTE DICKHEADSS YEEEAAAH!" and you've got me, flittering, checking out all these bands, with a backpack with everyones stuff in it. just because that's not how i roll. they honestly think the only way to enjoy a band, is to get hurt in the process. i'd rather survive, and not have my nose broken during a band. also, for me, moshing is not an option. i'm 5'2", and have braces. i have been elbowed in the head/mouth/boobs a lot, it fricken hurts. so i learn from my mistakes, and just chill. and also, who moshes in 38 degree heat with jeans on? them obviously. as much as i love them all, they piss me off sometimes >_<

i hate my english teacher. just thought i'd add that. she's a bitch and she's stupid. i'm 14 and i correct her mistakes. well, i'm technically not suppose to be doing year 9 english, because i've already completed it, but because of my glandular fever, my old english teacher wanted me to catch up, so i'm stuck with her. she wants me to get a new grammer book, and i don't have the money to get one, and i've argued that it's exactly the same as the version i've got, and it teaches the exact same thing. gah i wanna kick her arse.

fall out boy was sooo good last week. they were a lot better than the last time i saw them, and patrick is looking fine, might i add ^_^ tyson is good performer too. his purple mesh shirt was, interesting. i met some nice people in the pit too :) anyways, hey monday were alright. i couldn't hear her very well though. the guitars and all that were good though, she just needed to turn her mic up :)

anyways, i'm gonna finish go ice my cupcakes now:)
14th-Feb-2009 10:37 pm - i have my life planned out
the killers.
- get a job and split the pay, and start saving up for my trip to london/glasgow + a blue vesper.
- start being more awesome.
- stop getting really sick all the time.
- get all those guitar accessories i've always had no money for
- start some of my VCE in 2010

- start the rest of my VCE in 2011
- get my learners, and try to avoid my dad teaching me how to drive.
- keep saving up for my trip
- have an awesome party with poker.

- start taking my music more seriously
- hopefully be taller

- finish year 12 with a higher enter-score then my brother
- find a full-time job, hopefully in melbourne
- get my license

- keep saving up
- live in london and glasgow for 6 months
- get my blue vesper and my motorbike license
- start university and hopefully move to melbourne

and other things i'll fit in somewhere:
- get a kitten
- see over 200 bands
- go to canada
- go on a road trip
- see muse live
- get a best friend who's foreign, preferable from the UK
- get a manson and a gibson guitar
3rd-Feb-2009 09:18 pm(no subject)
the killers.
i've been back at school 2 days and i'm sick of it already. i don't like my english teacher, she has the intelligence of a 5th grader.
and i'm tired, so i might go to bed. go listen to hamish and andy pay out twilight. GO!

18th-Jan-2009 03:17 am(no subject)
the killers.
I really shouldn't sleep the day away. It's 3.20am and I'm wide awake. Friday night I watched Linkin Park's live DVD Road to Revolution. Whoa, they're awesome as. Chester can go from RAWR to mellow in a split second. It's quite trippy. And (technically) last night, I watched I Killed The Prom Queen's live DVD. Michael Crafter is a nutcase. JJ is quite a serious person, and Keith has an accent which mum and I still can't figure out. South African we think, but still aren't sure. It's been haunting me all night.

I was suppose to go to party, some dude from my friends work's 20th. You had to dress up as a comic book character. I didn't wanna do somehting cliche, so I spent all last night googling comic characters, until I decided to make one up, because he's a typical, wannabe nerd. One of those ones that think marvel and DC comics are the same thing; halo is the since sliced bread, and old skool nintendo sucks, but pacman + space invaders ownz all. Surprise, surprise, half of his work mates who are 15/16, have been layed more times than him. And he has a tendency to hit on much younger females. Most people think he's an ephebophile, or people his own age think he's pathetic. Who knows?

Gah. I wanna see Kings of Leon. Why do they have to sell out so quickly and why do they not let 14yo have floor tickets? For some reason, they've requested that people u/16 go with an adult, and sit in seating. I've got nothing against it really, because most peopel my age are just experiencing real live music, but I wanna be up close, and what kiddies these days call "moshing", which consists of jumping, but into each other. It's funny talking to my friends in Melbourne about moshing.
"Oh, when we went to MCR, we moshed and got bruises and stuff. It was soooo brutal! ILYMCRRRRRR *crazy fangirl scream*"
"That wasn't moshing. That was jumping up and down. There wasn't even hardcore dancers!"
"That was moshing!"
"Ahaha. Was there a massive spot in the pit where people were running/jumping to each other, people falling and being trampled on, but on purpose, and people fighting?"
"No. People who do that are idiots."
"That is what people call moshing."
"Well, I don't care, I've been in a mosh."
*shots self*
It's really quite funny. This is why I hate MCR fan girls. Don't get me wrong, I do love MCR, and they're amazing live, just not the little scene/emo kids who obsess over them, and have MCRmy everywhere. I really need more tolerance to these type of things.

Oh well. I might try and go to sleep. If all else fails, I'll read.
Night xo

17th-Jan-2009 05:12 pm - sorry bbs but
the killers.

only patrick can be white and look this cool (:
16th-Jan-2009 12:08 am - gah.
the killers.
I got a new wire on my top teeth, and now my mouth's sore ):
it's really thick wire too. damn you stoopid teeth!
13th-Jan-2009 12:58 am - Whoa.
the killers.
Holy crap. Been a while much? Well, I'm bored. I eventually gave up, but I came. But now, I'm just lurking people. A certain person kinda turned me off blogging. I have myspace though? Why not add me there. www.myspace.com/hallelujiahx

God, 2009? Shizzenhouser. I miss 2008. It was nice, quiet year. But I saw an epic amount of bands, like, 50 maybe. Probably more. Among the many were TAI, Cobra and Panic. Whoa. Best, night, ever. Seriously. And I met Gabe. Security was trying to kick us out, and Gabe just kept talking. He is a sweetie. Um.. what else? I finally got those braces. My hair grew. I got some red put in it. It washed out. I met some wonderful people. I got sick multiple times, glandular fever being the worst. Completed year 8. Started playing bass + piano. I started getting really into Supernatural and True Blood. I turned 14, and grew 1 inch. That's about it. God, I got sick on New Years too, so I sat home watching The Big Bang Thoery and Scrubs. I managed to watch about 4 seasons in a week of Scrubs. It made me love Zac Braff more than I already did. I can't stop watching the musical episode. I quote so many lines from it now. It annoys my friends (:

How about that Twilight Movie huh? I liked it. Books are better though. The movie really did skip a lot, and Rob didn't do a very good job. I love Jasper though, he was like o.O; It's just my opinion. I saw it twice, but it made more sense the 2nd time. If it was a really good movie, I wouldn't of had to seen it twice. I'm just not whole into this "vampire love" thing. Even if it was Buffy, just no. But these days, all I'm hearing is pedophile jokes, or how girls want to find their Edward Cullen. Frankly, it makes me sick ^_^;

I'm going to Fall Out Boy soonish. Feb 16 I think, with The All-American Rejects and Hey Monday. Holy crap. I danced for a bit. I'm also going to Big Day Out w/ BFMV and other great bands (: And Soundwave, and Pushover '09. I wanna see A7X though. When they were in Melbourne, I got Glandular fever, so I cried. A lot. Oh well. I'm seeing Bullet soon, so I'm happy.

Oh I remember, I saw Wicked. OH MY GOD! Whoa it was amazing. I got perfect seats, and whoa. It was spectacular. That is all.

God,about 2 weeks till I go back to school. I've had to drop some of my advance subjects this semester to catch up on my infinite sicknesses, like English and Graphics. But this semester should be good. I don't have any close friends going to Thailand, so I should be pretty settled.

I'm going to go now. I shall update not so regularly.
See yahs x

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